• Our Cost-Effective and Flexible Information Systems and Networks help you Cut Costs, Optimize Business Processes, Make Informed Decisions, Improve Employee Productivity, and Enhance Customer Service and Experience.

    We support quality-demanding organizations. If your goal is to improve business performance through Information Technology, our clients will tell you we are the innovative and dependable partner you seek.

    With over a century of combined Information Technology experience, we have helped many organizations optimize their business performance and achieve their objectives.

    Call us. We are ready to contribute to your success.

    How Can We Improve Your Business Performance?

  • We Build Elegant Information Systems That Maximize Your Business' Efficiency and Productivity.

    Our passion is Elegance, the fusion of simplicity and power. We believe that unusually simple yet surprisingly powerful IT systems are key to your success.

    Our portfolio of Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Fortune 1000, State and Local Government, Navy, Army, Air Force, as well as Non-Profit organizations includes the following custom Information Systems:

    • Business Software and Web Applications
    • Enterprise Portals and B2B Web Services
    • E-Commerce and Online Stores
    • Survey and Content Management Systems
    • Large Corporate Websites (Design/Re-Design)
    • Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications

    Call us to schedule a demo of our capabilities.

    Does Your Network Match Your Business' Productivity Needs?

  • We Engineer High Performance Networks That Optimize Your Business' Continuity and Productivity.

    Starting with an understanding of your business objectives and budget, we assess your network resources to design and implement secure, fault-tolerant and high-performance networks that keep your staff happy and productive.

    Our portfolio of Local, Metropolitan and Wide Area Networks for any size organization includes the following solutions:

    • Network Performance Evaluation, Troubleshooting and Upgrade
    • LAN, MAN and WAN Design and Implementation
    • Wide Area Encrypted Networks
    • VPN and Secure Remote Access
    • Firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems
    • Corporate Relocation

    Call us to discuss how we can cost-effectively optimize your networks.

    Do You Want To Improve Your Business Performance?

  • We Are IT, Over a Century of Combined Information Technology Experience!

    Sparkis Group, formerly known as The Sapient Group, is a full-service Information Technology company that specializes in business performance optimization through elegant information systems and high-performance network solutions. It tackles complex business problems and produces optimal solutions transforming all aspects of IT into pure joy and success for its clients.

    Sparkis Group has handled hundreds of on-time and on-budget IT solutions that exceeded client expectations, cut costs, maximized business processes, improved employee performance and enhanced customer service and experience.

    Sparkis Group takes great pride in its dedication to quality and client satisfaction. That is why our clients refer us to new clients. Our company is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, with clients from diverse industries around the world.

    Intrigued By What You Have Read? Call Us for Ideas!

    • Sparkis Group, under the leadership of Mr. Alexander Karim Soufi, has been a trusted technology partner to several business ventures I ran since 1999, from projects related to medium size business to multi-billion dollar corporation. His firm has proven to be the most efficient, creative & dependable technology solutions provider. Most important, the follow-up and service is the best in the business.

      BroadReach Financial Group
      Dubai, UAE

    • Sparkis Group did a wonderful job of understanding our aesthetic and functional requirements. Its team gave us an eCommerce site that is both easy to use, manage and modify, all within the time and money budgeted for this project. We have recommended this group to many other organizations and would do so again without reservation.

      Managing Director
      Solid State Optronics
      San Jose, CA

    • Alex was an excellent consultant. He gives 110% to all he does. He is thorough and professional. Every deliverable he presented to me was done on time and was quality work. He required very little day to day oversight. He is extremely competent.

      Project Manager
      Herndon, VA

    • Karim is wonderful to work with and very good at what he does. He gets along well with our clients and can bring the technical to a novice level for understanding. He always meets his deadlines and gets things done when others cannot.

      Completed Systems, Inc.
      Fairfax, VA

    • Sparkis Group has been our webmaster for more than 6 years. Alex is by far one of the most creative and innovative systems engineers I know. He keeps up with the myriad of changes in the technical world and uses this plethora of technical knowledge to provide us with the best solutions for our web presence. But most importantly, I thoroughly enjoy my professional relationship with Alex. He is a very valuable member of the support team for my business.

      Workforce Learning
      Herndon, VA

    • Alex was an great back-end specialist. Alex and his team came through for me more than once and worked for me both in the States and while I had a business in London. Whether he was local or working for me long distance he had an eye for details and a firm grasp for matching the right technology with the demands of the application framework.

      Studio 256
      London, England

    • Alexander Karim Soufi is the ultimate professional. He responds to all inquiries very quickly, and his work has always been exceptional. I continue to get rave reviews for the eCommerce website he developed for Benji Ventures. Alex is also extremely patient. I highly recommend him for the development and/or management of your web site/applications.

      Benji Ventures
      Alexandria, VA

    • I am consistently impressed by the professionalism and expertise of Alex! My inbox was flooded with complimentary emails after my site that Alex designed launched - no matter when I call, Alex responds and gets the job done!

      CMG Productions, Inc
      NY, NY

    Kind Words From Our Clients
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  • "If It Has My Name On It, It Better Be The Best."
    If this is your attitude in life, we have a challenge for you.

    We work with Eccentric (not crazy) talent with fanatical dedication to learning, quality and service. The hours are long at times, however, the work is never dull. We are family-oriented and flexible except when it comes to quality. If you thrive on delivering exceptional work, you will enjoy our company. We need:

    • Overachieving Lead Generators
    • Rich Interface Designers
    • Effecient Developers
    • Organized Managers
    • Methodical Testers

    Still interested? Email your resume if you are passionate about Information Technology, quality, service, learning and perfection.

    Stimulated By Challenge? Be Careful What You Wish For.

  • We Bring Ideas!

    Time is valuable. However, we are certain that within fifteen minutes together at least one of us will learn something new. We are knowledge sharing evangilists and we will share with you what we have learned from our endless pursuit for Information Technology excellence and perfection.

    We are based in San Antonio, Texas, but our clients are nationwide and worldwide. We have been serving same clients for ten years and have yet to meet few of them face-to-face.

    Feel free to contact us to schedule a demo of our capabilities, or to discuss how we can assist you improve your business performance through Elegant Information Systems and Optimized Network Solutions.

    We look forward to learning from you.

    Thank You In Advance. You Will Not Be Disappointed.